We don’t go to Gala Dinners everyday, yet, when the occasion presents itself we gotta be ready right?

So… what do we wear??? Simple.

Although it usually says “Black tie” on the invitation — which is the most confusing dress codes of all, check this post for more info — there are not so many options available when it comes to a Gala Dinner. Which is a good thing because it reduces the risk of not being dressed appropriately, which can be quite embarrassing…

As a quick reminder, the “Black tie” dress code tells us that we can choose between:

- Full-length dresses (examples here)

- Evening separates

- Cocktail dresses (examples here)

- LDBs (little black dresses) (examples here)

For a Gala Dinner, there’s only one rule to remember and apply: FULL-LENGTH. Nothing less nothing more. Even if it says “Black tie” on the invitation.

Note: evening separates can be accepted only if the skirt is … a full-length skirt.


Yes this “Black tie” thing can be quite confusing I know. That’s why I am writing this post darlings! Dress codes actually have to be adapted according to the event you are going to.

Here I attended the Gala Dinner given in memory of Princess Grace Kelly at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco more pictures here!

I am wearing a La Perla dress, Jimmy Choo sandals, a Swarovski necklace and diamond earrings designed by Rebeca Cohen.

With style,

x M

PS: More info on the “Black tie” dress code in this post.