Dress Code: How to dress for a Gala Dinner

We don’t go to Gala Dinners everyday, yet, when the occasion presents itself we gotta be ready right?

So… what do we wear??? Simple.

Although it usually says “Black tie” on the invitation — which is the most confusing dress codes of all, check this post for more info — there are not so many options available when it comes to a Gala Dinner. Which is a good thing because it reduces the risk of not being dressed appropriately, which can be quite embarrassing…

As a quick reminder, the “Black tie” dress code tells us that we can choose between:

Full-length dresses (examples here)

– Evening separates

Cocktail dresses (examples here)

LDBs (little black dresses) (examples here)

For a Gala Dinner, there’s only one rule to remember and apply: FULL-LENGTH. Nothing less nothing more. Even if it says “Black tie” on the invitation.

Note: evening separates can be accepted only if the skirt is … a full-length skirt.


Yes this “Black tie” thing can be quite confusing I know. That’s why I am writing this post darlings! Dress codes actually have to be adapted according to the event you are going to.

Here I attended the Gala Dinner given in memory of Princess Grace Kelly at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco more pictures here!

I am wearing a La Perla dress, Jimmy Choo sandals, a Swarovski necklace and diamond earrings designed by Rebeca Cohen.

With style,

x M

PS: More info on the “Black tie” dress code in this post.


Stylist & blogger / Jewelry designer x Marilicious Jewelry / Radio columnist x Radio Monaco. With love from the French Riviera

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